Local Pet Parks

All Columbus local parks are dog friendly but there are a few things to know.

  • Columbus is one of the few large cities in the country to have a voice command dog policy.This means that your dog should be controlled by voice commands.
  • No leash is required but remember that if your dog does not socialize well without a leash, use the leash.
  • Many of the parks in the Columbus area have ponds, and we all know that dogs love to swim and play in the water. Be prepared with something to clean your dog up with if he decides to do a cannon ball into the ponds.
  • One of the main issues at the parks is the land mines our best friends leave for us. We have the ability to use a toilet and flush our waste away but dogs don't have that pleasure. When your dog does his/her business, pick it up so others don't step in it. We all know how bad it smells. Many of the parks have poop deposits, which provide bags and waste cans. Use them.
  • If you are moving to the German Village or Merion Village, Schiller Park is one of the best parks for your dog to get his/her exercise.
  • If you are moving to the Short North or Victorian Village area, Goodale Park is your best park option.

Taking your dog to the park is a great way to get him socialized so he deals well when meeting other dogs either in park settings or on walks through the neighborhood To get more information about what parks are near you and to get information on different features each has, please visit some of the websites below:

Big Walnut Dog Park - Free City Park
Pooch Playground (Gahanna) - Free City Park
Paws Park Canal Winchester - Annual Membership plus visit charge
Bark Til Dark Dog Park Delaware County - Annual Membeship
Bark Park Delaware County - Annual Membership free plus visit charge
The Canine Compainion Club (Delaware/Powell County) - Annual Membership / Guest passes
Alum Creek Dog Park Free State Park

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